Ideas for the Neighborhood

Acknowledge "Neighborhood Heroes"

From picking-up trash and removing weeds in the street to taking-down unauthorized signs and mowing the lawns of foreclosed houses, what do you do to take responsibility for the neighborhood and the city and not just for your own private property?


Diffusion of responsibility is a big problem since many people assume that someone else will take care of these issues when what is needed are Neighborhood Heroes who take the initiative to clean-up the public areas, especially as local governments face increasingly uncertain levels of revenue. Some people even leave reporting graffiti and shopping carts to other residents when doing so requires everyone's sustained effort.


I think Neighborhood Heroes need to be acknowledged in order to serve as inspiration for others to get involved. And, I propose Community Builders solicit stories from these people to learn how they are improving Arrowhead in their own individual ways.



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Idea No. 7