Ideas for the Neighborhood

Expand the Arrowhead Springs Specific Plan to the 210 Freeway

The Arrowhead Springs Specific Plan ( ), which was adopted by the City of San Bernardino a few years ago, describes several new and reactivated uses for the 1,900 acres of the historic Arrowhead Springs Hotel, Spa, and Bungalows property. The Plan, though, does not reach beyond the boundaries of that real estate, which is owned by Campus Crusade for Christ.


By not considering the parcels extending to the 210 freeway and located within the Arrowhead neighborhood, itself, the Plan may be missing opportunities to attract more tourism dollars and to address certain constraints posed by a few problems that currently exist between the expressway and the resort property.


Viewsheds toward the hotel and the Arrowhead geological monument should be managed better, and views from the hotel towards the valley need similar attention. Moreover, several visitors to and residents of the mountain resorts pass through this area on a daily basis and present a great opportunity for the City to capture some of the dollars that several affluent non-residents could easily bring into the city.


Particularly interesting to me is the potential to remake East Twin Creek as an open-space park with integrated water management. I also would like to see the flood-control basins in Wildwood Park and at the foot of Shandin Hills incorporated into such a system. And, the 40th Street area with its large parking lots, marginal retail, and substandard garden apartments could be used to much better effect with a complete rethinking.



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