Goals for the Neighborhood

Improve the Region's Jobs-Housing Balance and Income Diversity

There are two main goals that southern California, the Inland Empire, and our neighborhood, specifically, must reach in order to fix our economy and to make it sustainable over the long term.


The first goal involves the fact that southern California has a major imbalance between the location of jobs and that of housing.


The coastal counties suffer from a lack of housing, especially affordable residences, and the Inland Empire suffers from a lack of jobs, especially the high-paying, white-collar kind. The entire region is hurt by this problem, and it needs everyone in southern California working together toward solutions.


The second goal involves the fact that this imbalance creates a lack of income diversity in cities. The Inland Empire has many concentrations of poverty and, generally-speaking, most of southern California tends to segregate people by income when, historically, old cities had mixes of incomes.


There are several reasons income diversity is important, but the main ones include: crime prevention; socioeconomic opportunity and mobility; better retail and other amenities; less traffic congestion; shorter commutes; less air pollution; etc.


One of the most important reasons is that reaching the second goal helps southern California reach the first one since improving income diversity will help attract employers, investors, and entrepreneurs to the Inland Empire.



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