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Remove the Below-Grade Section of the 210 Freeway

Across the country and around the world, parts of freeways that travel in urban areas and near places where people live are being converted to boulevards that have slower and quieter traffic and that support local businesses while improving the walkability and the more human scale of neighborhoods. The current thinking among many planners is that expressways are appropriate for more natural and rural areas but that these thoroughfares should change character as they enter cities in order to be sensitive to the urban and sub-urban context.


The 210 that runs by the southern border of our neighborhood is responsible for significant amounts of noise and air pollution currently, and distributing traffic to other freeway, street, and transit systems is potentially feasible. So, I think this part of the 210 is one of the best candidates in southern California for a highway-to-boulevard conversion that would improve neighboring property values.


Moreover, the existing freeway right-of-way could be used for unique parklands, open space, and integrated water management that would benefit everyone and make Arrowhead an even more interesting place to live and to visit.


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